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Application of Dietary Fiber in New Tea Drink: Energy Down, Nutrition Up

Date: 2024-05-13 17:08  Author: tailijie

Nowadays, young people are also beginning to pay attention to health issues. Sugar control diet is popular among young people, and the same requirements are put forward for new tea drinks-not only good taste of tea, but also low burden of health.

Throughout 2023, social media content on low-calorie, low-calorie, low-sugar and other low-burden food and beverages across the entire network increased by 41.3% year-on-year, triggering nearly 200 million interactions.

Following August 2023, Shanghai took the lead in setting up a series of red, orange and green health tips for sugary beverages in more than 150 sugary beverage stores in the city, and began to pilot the nutrition choice logo in chain tea brands.

According to relevant media reports, after the ABCD nutritional grading system has been implemented for a period of time, consumers are paying more attention to sugar-free and less sugar products, and there is a certain trend of reducing sugar. Behind the trend of "sugar control" launched by new tea beverage companies is consumers' awakening to sugar awareness.

As consumers pay more and more attention to healthy eating, the quality of raw materials and the cleanliness of the ingredient list of ready-made tea drinks will become important factors affecting consumer choices in the future.

Application of Dietary Fiber in New Tea Drink: Energy Down, Nutrition Up

Soluble dietary fiber is an ideal fiber source for beverage products. It is widely used in beverage products (including solid beverages) because of its excellent characteristics such as good water solubility, high stability, no special taste, good color and transparency, stable shelf life and no fiber loss.

At the same time, the soluble dietary fiber has the characteristics of low calorie and low glycemic, 1-2kcal/G, is an ideal dual-functional component for developing low-calorie healthy food, and can effectively reduce the glycemic effect after meals by replacing sucrose.

In addition, soluble dietary fiber can simulate fat. It can combine with water to form a "gel structure" and has a similar taste to fat, making it an ideal choice for developing low-fat or fat-free foods.

The R&D personnel of Tailijie found in their research that soluble dietary fiber is an ideal sugar-reducing and sugar-substituting product. Using soluble dietary fiber to reduce sugar and replace sugar in tea can not only increase the fiber claim, but also make the taste smoother. , enhance the milky flavor and fullness, and make the overall taste more pleasant.