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Tailijie won the innovative product award again at the Bakery China 2024

Date: 2024-05-27 16:13  Author: tailijie

May 21st - 24th, the Bakery China 2024 was held at NECC(Shanghai).The Prebiotic Sugar Free Dietary Fiber of Henan Tailijie Biotech Co., Ltd. won the "Innovative Product Award" at Bakery China 2024.

As consumers pay more and more attention to health, the combination of "low sugar" and "deliciousness" has become a consensus in the development of bakery products. The survey shows that 85% of consumers believe that "good for health" is the main influencing factor when purchasing baked products, almost as much as "delicious" (87%).

But for baked products, sucrose is not only a sweetener, but also can increase the flavor of baked goods. It is the main source of yeast nutrition and a natural preservative. It can maintain moisture, delay aging, and extend the shelf life of food.

At the same time, sugar can also play a role in organizational structure. When egg whites are beaten, sugar can also increase stability and help the product become more stable and fluffy.

Talijie's award-winning Prebiotic Sugar Free Dietary Fiber can replace sucrose, increase the stability of cream, lock in moisture, improve taste, and enhance styling.

At the same time, as a product mainly composed of soluble dietary fiber, the Prebiotic Sugar Free Dietary Fiber not only replaces sugar, but also has the functions of high fiber, prebiotics and regulating intestinal flora.

At the exhibition, in addition to the award-winning Prebiotic Sugar Free Dietary Fiber, a series of products such as dietary fiber powder for baking and dietary fiber syrup also received widespread attention from exhibitors.