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Polydextrose is the ideal dietary fiber and prebiotics, providing body and texture in reduced calorie and sugar-free foods. It is clean-tasting and multi-functional ingredient, with high solubility, clarity and process stability.
Due to the different application requirements, We have Polydextrose powder, granule and syrup. Provide free sample service.


Steady rise in the popularity of healthy eating around the world. Polydextrose can increase fiber and reduce sugar without compromising the great taste.

Polydextrose conforms to the accepted definition of dietary fiber in EU and FDA.
Polydextrose can be declared as dietary fibre in the nutrition panel.
With Polydextrose, you can make nutritional claims such as ‘Source of fiber’ or ‘High fiber’ .  

We have established supply system in Europe, South America and some Asian countries, customers can purchase polydextrose very convenient.
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TAILIJIE® Polydextrose
  Type II Type II-Improved Type III Type IV Type V
V-Normal V-Refined
Appearance Slightly 
Cream white 
Pure white 
Deep yellow 
Straw yellow 
Taste Sour&sweet 
Bland light sweet, 
no foreign taste
A bit sour&sweet Light sweet with after-taste
Particle size 60-80mesh Powder
60-80 mesh
80-120 mesh
20-40 mesh ------
Start 135°C-140°C Start 110°C-128°C Start 135°C-140°C ≥50°C
Solubility 80% 92% 80% 70%
PH value 2.5-3.5 4.0-6.0 5.0-6.0 2.5-3.5 2.5-3.5 5.0-6.0
Application Foods, beverage, 
dairy products, 
health care products ,
cookies, chocolate, 
frozen foods, 
meat products,
 snacks etc.
More widely including 
candy, yoghourt, 
pudding, mixture, 
tablets, baking 
products, etc.
Foods, Granule, 
solid drinks, etc
oral liquid, dairy,
Beer, yellow 
wine, etc.
Jam,ice cream, 
wines, etc.
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Why should be considering polydextrose for your formulas?
● Polydextrose is an easy-to-soluble dietary fiber.
● You can mark ‘source of fiber’ or ‘high fiber’ in your product.
● Polydextrose has a low caloric value and low glycaemic response.
● It adds texture and mouthfeel to reduced-calorie or no added sugar foods and drinks.
● It maintains stability during processing and storage.
● Remarkable digestive tolerance of up to 90g/day.
● Polydextrose is a prebiotics,as food for probiotics
Know more information, please contact us now sales@tailijie.com.cn

1. Heath care products: The reference use volume is 30% to 90%.
2. Food: The reference use volume is 5% to 20%.
3. Beverage: The reference use volume is 0.5% to 5%.
4. Dairy products: The reference use volume is 1% to 5%.
5. Candies and confectionery: The reference use volume is 5% to 30%
6. Sweet snacks: The reference use volume is 0.5% to 5%.
7. Frozen food: The reference use volume is 0.5% to 6%
8. Wine: The reference use volume is 0.5% to 5%.
9. Seasoning Products: The reference use volume is 0.5% to 6%.
Know more information, please contact us now sales@tailijie.com.cn

Our advantages

Why choose TAILIJIE® polydextrose?
1.As a professional manufacturer of polydextrose, who has supplied for more than 27 years with many famous company(such as Danisco).
2.Focused on research, production and application of Polydextrose, and drafted national standard for Polydextrose GB25541-2010.
3.Delivery within 3 work days after payment.
4.We provide OEM serive.
5.We have application center and provide formula services for consumers.
6.We Provide free sample service.
7.The facility has been certified by ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL, OHSAS, ISO14001, etc
Know more information, please contact us now. sales@tailijie.com.cn

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