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Dietary fiber - the best choice for treating constipation

Date: 2024-04-13 08:35  Author: tailijie

In traditional cognition, eating bananas can alleviate constipation, but in fact, eating bananas incorrectly can also worsen constipation.

Through bananas to supplement dietary fiber to properly alleviate constipation, the premise must be ripe bananas! Because of the difficulty of transportation and storage, the bananas we buy are often picked half-ripe, so they taste a little astringent, and this taste comes from another substance in raw bananas - tannic acid.

Tannic acid can be combined with proteins, such as meat, fish, seafood, soybean milk, milk, etc. under the condition of stomach acid to form a coagulated "tannic protein" (tannic protein) that is difficult to digest and absorb.

In fact, the most effective way to alleviate constipation is to supplement dietary fiber directly. The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents recommends that the daily intake of dietary fiber for adults is 25-30g.

The existing dietary fiber supplements on the market are mainly solid drinks, tabletting candies and effervescent tablets. Most of these dietary fiber supplements are easy to eat, easy to dissolve, and have a wide range of application scenarios. They can quickly supplement dietary fiber, quickly improve intestinal problems, and make up for the deficiencies of our daily diet.

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