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Maltooligosaccharide is a kind of white powder which is made from high quality starch by a series of processes such as liquefaction, concentration and drying through the action of enzymes.


Maltooligosaccharide is a kind of white powder which is made from high quality starch by a series of processes such as liquefaction, concentration and drying through the action of enzymes.Oligomeric maltose has the characteristics of easy digestion, low sweetness and low permeability, which can extend the energy supply time, enhance the body endurance, and resist fatigue.


Test item Results
Appearance White powder
Moisture Max 6.0%
Ash Max 0.3%
DE 35-45
Maltooligosaccharide content Min 60%
Ph 4.0-6.0
As Max 0.5mg/kg
Pb Max1.0mk/kg
Bacterium total Max 1000cfu/g
E.coli Max 30 cfu/100g
Pathogen Not detective
Packed in 25 KG/BAG and store in tight, 
light-resistant containers under 25℃.
Conclusion: The above product conforms to the stand.


Substitute some sucrose, it can be added to various beverages, dairy products, confectionery and cold drinks. The recommended amount of baked food: 5%-20%;

Add to various kinds of jams, canned, sausage, all kinds of wine and other kinds of food, produce various kinds of sugar free, diabetic patients, have specific health food, suggest adding amount: 10%-20%;

Adding to all kinds of feed, such as added to broiler feed, can improve the ratio of chicken feeding rate, increase the milk yield of sow in pig feed, increase the growth of fish, reduce the mortality, reduce the emission of ammonia in the feces, prevent pollution and so on. Recommended amount: 0.1-0.3%.


Normal package:25kg/bag
Bag is composed by two layers, out layer is woven/kraft bag with spraying film,inside is PE layer.
The bag with above material is divided into 2 kinds,
One kind:out layer and insier layer is together as one
Another kind:two layers is separated

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