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Dietary Fiber brings Healthy Living

Date: 2018-08-27 18:22  Author: Fancy

What is Polydextrose?

Polydextrose is known as a glucose polymer, defined as a non-digestible, highly water-soluble dietary fiber with prebiotic properties. It's widely used in the food industry, and it's been identified as functional fiber in over 20 countries, and it has been used to increase the physical function of the human body in 12 grams, and to suggest other beneficial effects. In addition, because it has a very low calorific value, polydextrose can be used as a dietary sweetener.


The Good Effect of Polydextrose

Since obesity is the most pressing dietary problem, food manufacturers are adopting strategies to attract health-conscious consumers. Polydextrose enables manufacturers to add fiber, reducing the calories of sugar and fat without compromising taste or texture.
Polydextrose produces only 1 kcal/g and has become a versatile ingredient, helping ingredient manufacturers to increase the content of non-dietary fiber while replacing some of the product's sugars, starches and fats. It helps food and beverage manufacturers create products with reduced calories and lower energy density in a variety of foods, including beverages, cakes, sweets, dessert mixtures, breakfast cereals, frozen desserts, pudding and spices. It's also a boon for low-carb and sugar-free creation.
Polydextrose is especially effective in foods that require fillers or are traditionally sweet or fatty. It maintains the texture and texture that is often lost in the process of removing sugar and fat to reduce calories.
Because polydextrose is only partially metabolized in the body's digestive system, it contributes only 25 percent of sugar calories (1 kcal/g to 4 kcal/g) and only 11 percent of fat calories (9 kcal/g). Achieving at least 50% reduction in kcals, without affecting flavor and diet quality is realistic.