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The Benefits of Polydextrose for Diabetes

Date: 2018-09-04 10:28  Author: Fancy

For diabetics, the intake of sugar is a “big taboo”. They often panic because they are temporarily negligent and cause a serious burden on the body. Therefore, the requirements for daily dietary structure of diabetic patients are different from ordinary people. Then, it is extremely painful for those who like sweet taste but can't eat "sugar".

At present, polydextrose has been used as a sugar substitute in meat products, dairy products, snacks, etc. When selecting foods, diabetics recommend selecting products containing polydextrose, which will greatly reduce the sugar intake in food, and Conducive to a comprehensive and healthy diet.  

In addition, polydextrose can improve the sensitivity of the terminal tissue to insulin, reduce the requirement for insulin, inhibit the secretion of insulin, hinder the absorption of sugar, and the polydextrose itself is not absorbed, thereby achieving the purpose of lowering blood sugar levels. Suitable for diabetic patients. Polyglucose reacts only 5-7 with respect to blood sugar, and glucose has 100, which means that diabetics don't need to worry at all, because of the intake of polydextrose, which causes blood sugar to rise.

The variety of processed foods impacted by polydextrose is matched by the potential for product presentation. As a soluble fiber with the ability to bind water, polydextrose can partially or totally replace sugar, fat or starch in a formulation -- which means it can be presented as reduced fat, reduced sugar, low calorie, or even low glycemic index, depending upon the application and the target audience.