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Why choose polydextrose in bakery

Date: 2018-08-09 08:49  Author: Tailijie
Advantages in bread application

1、It can improve the organizational structure of the bread, such as the pores are more uniform, more delicate and so on.
2、It can improve the softness of bread, so that the hardness of the bread fall.
3、Polydextrose product itself has certain viscoelastic three-dimensional gel network structure, it can play a similar gluten network structure function, so it can be improved the properties of the dough, the dough to enhance the water holding capacity, thereby increasing the volume of bread.
4、It can  extend the retain freshness and shelf life of the bread.

Effect of Polydextrose on the state of the bread texture: the following chart is an example.

The results showed that when the amount of polydextrose was added, it could improve the organization structure of the finished product, such as the uniform pore, the more delicate texture and so on.