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Consumers are willing to pay more for a fiber enriched product

Date: 2020-05-13 16:29  Author: tailijie

Evidence points to a steady rise in the popularity of healthy eating around the world. Soluble dietary fiber directly addresses this issue, by enabling manufacturers to include the desired health benefits of fiber into mainstream food and beverage products, without compromising the great taste that consumers demand.
Soluble dietary fiber includes:PolydextroseInulinResistant DextrinFructo oligosaccharide, etc. 
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Compared with InulinResistant DextrinFructo oligosaccharidePolydextrose has high dietary fiber content, good stability and obvious advantages in price. You can contact us for sample test!
With Polydextrose, you can make nutritional claims such as ‘source of fibre’ or ‘high in fibre’ and you have the option to formulate “no added sugars’ or ‘sugar free” products.
Polydextrose conforms to the accepted definition of dietary fiber in EU.
Polydextrose can be declared as dietary fibre in the nutrition panel.


Nutritional benefits
• Sugar and fat reduction
• Calorie reduction: just 1 kcal/gram
• Helps to lower blood glucose rise after meals when used to replace sugar*
• Helps to prevent tooth demineralisation when compared to full sugar products*
• Excellent tolerance (90g/day)
• High dietary fiber content
• Intestinal regularity / gut comfort
Functional properties
• Adhesive properties –great binder
• Excellent humectant
• Texture integrity
• Enhanced mounthfeel
• No compromise on quality
 - Clear colour
 - Clean tasting
 - Clear liquid
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