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Polydextrose in Diabetic Foods

Date: 2018-06-28 17:30  Author: admin
Curing diabetes mainly rely on diet controlling except for medicine.Therefore,proper adjustment of diet structure is the uppermost method for preventing and treating diabetes.

Polydextrose can improve the sensitivity of end tissues for insulin, reduce the requirement for insulin, inhibit the secretion of insulin, impede the absorption of glucose, polydextrose itself is not been absorbedto achieve the purpose of lowering blood glucose levels, which is very suitable for diabetic patients edible.Polydextrose’s relative response to blood sugar is only 5-7, but sucrose is 100. Polydextrose can slow the absorption of glucose, and the sugar in the blood will also slowly increase. If there is a slight deficiency of insulin, it will not cause an immediate increase in blood glucose concentration.