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The application of polydextrose in candy

Date: 2018-06-28 17:28  Author: admin
Candy is often considered as a luxury and is a high-calorie food. However, as consumers pay more attention to nutrition and health, the candy industry needs a new generation of candy that helps maintain human health. Hard candy is the mainstay of the candy world. It is also the touchstone for new products and research and development.

Fiber is an element of the body's diet, but it is often overlooked by people, or the intake is not enough. Fiber is very important to prevent obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Candy is regarded as one of the best carriers of fiber and helps the body to maintain fiber intake to the desired level. There are many sources of fiber, but the most flexible and easy to use is polydextrose. Polydextrose is widely used in beverages, particularly in Japan, which is a soluble dietary fiber that can also be extended into hard candy products. Its unique structure makes it an ideal fiber raw material for candy, especially hard candy products. Its glass transition point temperature is 110°C, which can be added in a small amount into hard candy and other products to improve the vitrification performance of the entire product. Therefore, Polydextrose is a functional and nutritive candy additive. In addition, the calorie content is very low (1kcal/g). Adding it to candy does not increase the calories of the whole candy.

Polydextrose is a good ingredient for sugarless sweets and is well tolerated. High water-solubility and high viscosity ensure good chewability and non-cariogenicity contributes to the health of teeth.Addition of polydextrose can also enhance fiber, prebiotics, and reduce sucrose. It can also reduce calories or lower total blood sugar.