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Customers from Chile to share polydextrose applications

Date: 2018-06-26 16:26  Author: admin

On May 3, 2018, invited by Henan Tailijie Biotech Co., Ltd., a well-known food company in Chile visited our application center in Zhengzhou.

Guo Fangjie, the general manager, first expressed a warm welcome to the guests who came from far away, and hoped that in the next time, the guests could communicate with the engineering team of the application center and bring the successful experience back to the Chilean market. Then the application of polydextrose product in food and the corresponding formula technology were introduced in the application of the center's Chen Gong, and the guests from a long time had been invited to taste several dietary fiber products independently developed by tailijie.

The customers highly appreciate the taste and quality of the product and hope to apply these successful experiences and technologies to the Chilean market and share some of the Chilean markets. At present, the market has just begun in the field of healthy food and beverage, but the market has great potential for development.

After the meeting, Ms. Guo invited guests to visit the factory's production workshop and new product application laboratory.