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Polydextrose application in biscuits

Date: 2020-10-30 17:02  Author: Tailijie polydextros
Polydextrose is the ideal soluble fiber for sugar replacement in favourite brands. It is well tolerated and has a low glycaemic response. With only 1 kcal/gram, Polydextrose is a premium, low calorie bulking agent providing body and texture in reduced calorie, no sugar added and sugar-free foods.

In water, Polydextrose displays characteristics similar to sucrose. At low solids, the viscosity impact from Polydextrose is very low. Due to this, Polydextrose can be added without changing the rheological properties of your product. 

Adding polydextrose made biscuits slightly more moist as perceived, thereby, slightly lessening the drying effect of the wheat bran. Polydextrose produced a linear effect for moistness (Fig. 2). 

Polydextrose, a randomly bonded glucose polymer, would provide additional reducing sugars for Maillard browning to occur; thus, biscuits containing polydextrose should be darker in color than biscuits not containing polydextrose.

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