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Application and market trend of Polydextrose in ice cream

Date: 2019-02-22 16:36  Author: Tailijie
Nowadays, people spending on leisure food is increasing day by day, especially the ice cream. It has developed rapidly in recent years. The product categories are obviously enriched and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. In this paper, the functional characteristics of dietary fiber and its application advantages in ice cream were studied and analyzed. Through the analysis of market competition and consumers’ demand, the broad market prospects and development potential of functional health ice cream were revealed.

Key words: TAILIJIE dietary fiber; Polydextrose, Functional ice cream

1. Current situation of ice cream market

The characteristics of people’s fond of the new and tired of the old, and their pursuit of delicacy are more obvious in the ice cream market. There seems to be an endless demand for new ice cream, and the taste requirements for new ice cream seems to be increasingly critical.

Adding functional ingredients into ice cream has become an innovative breakthrough point in ice cream market. For example, prebiotics can promote the growth of intestinal probiotics and improve intestinal function; dietary fiber also can promote intestinal health; In addition, some antioxidant ingredients can help human cells resist free radicals. Traditional Chinese medicine and flowers have cosmetic effects, also have some trace elements and vitamins, which are healthy functional ingredients. In the analysis of the main efficacy claims in GNPD, we find that the most important products are those who has digestive efficacy claims, and then followed by system control, cardiovascular, immunity and so on. Therefore, functional health will be the main trend in the future market. Both probiotics and dietary fibers have the functions of regulating intestinal health, helping digestion and absorption. Therefore, the effective combination of prebiotics and dietary fiber with ice cream caters to the market demand and has great potential for development.

2. Main functions of TAILIJIE dietary fiber

TAILIJIE dietary fiber is an easy-to-use water-soluble dietary fiber with remarkable prebiotic properties. It is widely used in dairy products, beverages, candy, baking and chocolate in the market. Among them, it is widely used in ice cream, dairy products, bread, beverage and other industries. When used in various foods, it usually gives the product technological advantages or health advantages with the characteristics of low energy, high fibre and adjusting intestinal function.
1)Low energy: Its molecular structure is very complex and is difficult to degrade. The calorific value of it is only 1 kcal/g, its about 1/4 of general carbohydrates.
2)Regulation of intestinal tract: It can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, effectively proliferate intestinal beneficial bacteria, regulate intestinal flora distribution, improve defecation function, reduce intestinal absorption of glucose, and produce short-chain fatty acids by fermentation in the large intestine.
3)Control weight : It can suppress appetite, reduce food intaking, and remove excess fat and energy from the body. In addition, dietary fiber can also limit the absorption of fat in the digestive tract, promote lipid excretion and prevent obesity.
4)Regulating blood sugar and lowering cholesterol: It can improve the sensitivity of peripheral tissues to insulin, inhibit secrete insulin and hinder the development of insulin.
5)With the increase of the concentration of dietary fiber, the absorption of calcium and iron in intestine tends to increase. TAILIJIE dietary fiber is non-cariogenic because it is not fermented by microorganisms in the mouth.
3.The application of TAILIJIE dietary fiber in ice cream
In ice cream products, it can replace sugar and fat, and can effectively improve the texture and taste of the product, make the fragrance easy to release; As a soluble dietary fiber, it can improve intestinal health, can make people feel full and so, its easy to control weight. It has good tolerance and does not cause insulin elevation, is suitable for diabetic patients. Polydextrose is a safe food additive with an average maximum tolerance of 90 g/d.
1)Lipid substitution: as a water-soluble dietary fiber and a high-quality filler, it can replace part of sucrose and fat and is used for low heat. Its use in ice cream is one of the most powerful examples of low volume, low sugar and low fat foods.
Test results of polydextrose - substituted fat in ice cream
Formulation The rate of glucose replaces
the cream(%)
Inflation rate(%) The melting time(min) Viscosity
Grams of hundred ice cream calories(KJ) Rate of heat loss(%)
Original formulation 0 36.54 44.5 1544 527.12 -
Formulation1 20 55.43 40.5 1652 433.76 17.7
Formulation2 40 58.51 34.5 1850 344.57 34.7
2)Antifreeze effect: TAILIJIE dietary fiber can reduce the freezing point of food and obtain the ideal hardness. Studies have shown that the addition of polydextrose has a certain impact on the expansion rate and melting resistance of ice cream. At the same time, it has a certain low-temperature protection effect to protect products from the destructive physical effects of freezing.
3)Moisturizing effect: dietary fiber can improve the anti-aging property of the product to a certain extent and play a moisturizing role.
4. Market prospect of dietary fiber ice cream
As a kind of healthy food ingredient, Tailijie dietary fiber `s market has a very prominent space for development. Dietary fiber products will also have a broad consumer market, and the demand for dietary fiber as a functional ice cream raw material will also increase greatly.
The future development trend of ice cream tends to be in the direction of green, health and culture. And the content of dietary fiber in ice cream can supplement the deficiency of People's daily dietary fiber intake. At the same time, it can improve the quality and taste of ice cream. When the amount of added ice cream reaches 3g/1000g or more, it can also better regulate the intestinal function. The added polydextrose ice cream just meets the market consumer group's demand for delicious and healthy ice cream. In a word, the effective combination of TAILIJIE dietary fibre and ice cream will be a bright spot in the future market. The market prospect and consumer demand both present a huge potential and broad space for development.