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Using Polydextrose in Ice cream

Date: 2021-09-26 16:19  Author: Tailijie
The purpose of this paper that how to use polydextrose to formulate a no sugar added dairy-based ice cream that maintains the original sugar-based taste and indulgence value.

The following characteristics had to be maintained:
– Dry matter content
– Texture and creaminess
– Taste
– Freezing properties

Functions and Benefits with add polydextrose

·Functionality :
 Depresses the freezing point of frozen desserts. This function enhances scoopability in hard pack ice cream products.
 As a fat and sugar replacer;
 Pleasant texture and mouthfeel, as the filler or agent of sweetener;

·Nutritional Benefit:
 Dietary fiber, Prebiotic;
Weight management; Digestive health;

 Highly soluble; Ease of Use;
 Label friendly; Cost effective.

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