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Dietary fiber + ice cream,It's not just about reducing sugar

Date: 2022-07-08 15:50  Author: 泰利杰生物
In order to adapt to the new demands of the main force of the new generation of consumption.

Ice cream manufacturers have made two adjustments: First, increase the research and development of low-sugar or sugar-free products under the influence of the global trend of sugar reduction; The second is to add some healthy ingredients to ice cream, such as dietary fiber, probiotics and other ingredients.

So what are the advantages of adding dietary fiber to ice cream?

According to the R & D personnel of Tailijie, soluble dietary fiber, with energy of only 1 kilojoule/gram, is easily soluble in water, shows similar rheological properties to sucrose in most systems, it can replace part of sugar and fat, and has the effect of improving food texture and taste.

The advantages of soluble dietary fiber in ice cream products are as follows:

Sugar and fat substitutes.

The viscosity is slightly higher than that of sucrose and sorbitol, providing a smooth taste similar to fat, it can be used as a bulking agent, and it can also develop sugar-free ice cream products together with sweeteners.
Increase the delicate taste.

Polydextrose has high water-holding capacity, and will not form large crystals after the freezing point drops, which reduces the freezing point of ice cream, controls the growth of ice crystals during product hardening and storage, and makes the ice cream more delicate.