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Healthier foods and beverages are becoming more and more popular among young consumers!

Date: 2020-08-04 17:32  Author: Tailijie

According to a survey by NPD Group, nearly 90% of American adults have the habit of reading nutrition labels, about 45% of consumers pay attention to the calorie content on nutrition labels, and more than half (about 57%) of adults Will pay attention to sugar. This shows that sugar and calories are important factors that customers consider before consumption.


Innova Market Insights tracked the 2018 annual food and beverage new product launches and found that 8% new products have sugar reduction needs, which sugar-free demand accounts for 36% and low sugar accounts for 27%.

Consumers of new beverages pay more attention to their health, especially sugar intake.
Many countries have announced sugar reduction targets

The New Zealand Coca-Cola Company announced a goal to reduce the sugar content in its beverages by 20% on 2025, including Sprite, Fanta, Powerade and other products.

Advocate reducing the intake of sugary beverages (SSB) in Australia, reducing sugar by 10% on 2020 and 20% on 2025.

Malaysia beverage giant F&N announced that it will re-adjust approximately 70% of the company's products and reduce the sugar amount used in response to the impact of the sugar tax on July 1, 2019.


Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, and Brunei have levied sugary beverage (SSB) taxes, and Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore will start similar taxes.

Dominique Floch, Technical Director of Tate&Lyle’s Middle East Market, said in an interview: “64% of consumers want to supplement their daily fiber needs through food and beverages. In beverage products, as the trend of sugar reduction continues to grow, fiber is becoming more and more popular. Adding dietary fiber to beverages provides manufacturers with a good way to reduce sugar without changing the taste. Consumers can still enjoy the deliciousness and taste they expect.”

Legislation and government programs in the Middle East are promoting the need for products that rich dietary fiber, reducing sugar and fat.

Tate&Lyle selected a total of 800 respondents in multiple countries in the Middle East to investigate,and found that nearly 50% of consumers in Saudi Arabia expressed their desire to increase dietary fiber consumption, while the proportion in Turkey was 58%. The survey report also pointed out that more products with dietary fiber claims were released in 2019, an increase of 28% over 2018.

Nestlé's confectionery company (Allen`s) has launched two products that reduce sugar 25% content and increase soluble dietary fiber to meet consumers' health needs.