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Application of polydextrose in baking

Date: 2019-03-04 12:02  Author: Tailijie

一、 Main raw materials

Classify Raw material Weight
Exquisa Cream Cheese 200g
New Zealand milk powder 50g
Castor sugar 100g
Condensed milk 10g

Dough Stage 
Baiyan high-gluten flour 1000g
Dietary fiber powder (Polydextrose) 40g
Castor Sugar 70g
Low sodium salt 8g
Soup kind of bread 100g
Fresh yeast/dry yeast 24g/12g
Water 600g
Condensed milk 20g
Light cream 100g
Butter 30g
二、 Main point
a. Grill(230℃)  b. Bake(190℃)  c. Time(7min)  d. Steam(2s)
三、 Stuffing
1. Prepare cream cheese, New Zealand milk powder, Castor Sugar, condensed milk, and put in a stainless steel basin for using.
2. Mix the cream cheese with the Castor Sugar well.
3. Add New Zealand milk powder and condensed milk mix well.
4. Stuffing with milk high calcium filling.
四、 Dough stage
1. Prepare High-gluten flour, Dry yeast, dietary fiber powder(Polydextrose), Salt, Soup kind of bread and Castor Sugar, and weigh them together. Water, Condensed milk, Light cream, butter weigh alone.
2. Pour High-gluten flour, Dry yeast, dietary fiber powder(Polydextrose), Salt, Soup kind of bread and Castor Sugar, then add Water, Condensed milk, Light cream, etc.
3. Stir slowly for 2 minutes, then quickly mix for 8 minutes.
4. After the gluten is expanded, add the butter, slowly stir the butter and mix well, and fully mix into the dough.
5. Take the dough out and place it on a baking tray with high-gluten flour. The surface temperature is 25℃. Put in fermenting box, the temperature is set to 32℃, and the relative humidity is 75%.
6. Ferment for about 40 minutes. Take out when the volume is double.
7. Divide the dough, 230 g/pcs. 
8. Tap with your hand. Discharge one third of the gas.
9. Close 1/3 from the top to the middle and press it.
10. Close 1/3 from the bottom to the middle and press it.
11. One direction with the hand push, convergent.
12. Press in the middle, evenly on both sides to make it a long strip, for about 40 cm .
13. Put it on the baking tray in turn.
14. The temperature is set to 32 ℃, relative humidity is set to 75%, put in fermenting box for 40 minutes.
15. Sprinkle some gluten powder on the table, put one on the table, pat it with your hands, and exhaust one third of the gas.
16. Stuffing with milk high calcium filling into decorating bag, squeezed in the middle of the strip dough.
17. Close in turn.
18. Dough adjusted to C-shape.
19. Put the dough on the mesh tray rack and put in the fermenting box. The temperature is set to 32℃and the relative lift is set to 75%. After 40 minutes of fermentation, the dough is sprinkled with high-gluten powder on striped paper. Then the dough is put into the furnace. The temperature is set to 230℃ on the top and 190℃ on the bottom. The time is set to 8 minutes and the steam is used for 2 seconds.
20.  Vibrate the plate after the oven is discharged, and then take it out.
五、 Summarize
1. Moisture retention: Polydextrose can absorb water to maintain the moisture of baking products and make it softer.
2. Volume: Polydextrose can bulk the volume of Baking products under the same conditions .
3. Texture: The Baking products added with polydextrose, after baking, will have a smoothier outer surface and more delicate inner tissue.
4. Color: The Baking products will show a better color after adding polydextrose.
5. Anti-frozen:Baking products filled with polydextrose can be stored at -18℃, without changing the structure. Not only can reduce the formation of ice crystals ,but also protect saccharomycetes.
6. Shelf-life: The shelf life is mainly affected by the production environment, antiseptic, packaging and other conditions. Baking products filled with polydextrose will have a better taste, moisture and volume during the shelf life.
Reference dosage is 5% to 10% in baking (Flour as the benchmark).