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Purchasing food and beverage in the market, we always find one ingredient which is called polydextrose.

Date: 2018-12-15 16:33  Author: Tailijie

Does polydextrose come from accumulation of glucose and has a particularly high energy level?

Not only does it not too high, but also has lower energy than sugar.  Sugar can be divided into three parts, which is called monosaccharide, oligosaccharide and polysaccharide. And polydextrose is a kind of polysaccharide, its macromolecule can't be absorbed, so it won't increase human’s blood sugar. It almost has all the properties of sugar, but produces lower calories than sucrose and fat. The material of polydextrose comes from corn starch, which belongs to healthy food ingredients. It is a kind of soluble dietary fiber and has some characteristics of prebiotics.
Why does polydextrose is widely used in food and beverages?
Because polydextrose is a kind of white or nearly white powder. It tastes not strange. And it is soluble in water (its solubility can reach to 70%). The PH value of 10% of its water solution can reach to 2.5-7.0. It is easy to be used in industrial production. When polydextrose enters human’s body, it swells after absorbing water. Except increasing satiety, it can also encapsulate the fat and harmful substances of some food in the enteron, and reduce absorption of energy. Finally discharged out of the body with feces.
During industrial production, polydextrose can shows its function of controlling viscosity, making for expanding, fluidizing of solid particles, reducing sediment, presenting creamy texture, improving product’s quality and its stability in heat treatment. During the low-calorie foods, sugar and fat can be replaced by it perfectly.
Where can we see these products which contain polydextrose?
Polydextrose can be seen in some import food’s ingredients in the early year. And with the introduction of national standards and the improved health awareness of consumer in recent years, many large and medium-sized food and beverage enterprises have begun to use it, such as Wahaha, mengniu, Yakult and etc. At present, both markets and convenience stores are selling it. If you want to know more about applied technology and formulation, you can communicate with Henan Tailijie Biotech Co.,LTD.