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The application of Polydextrose in Ice Cream

Date: 2018-06-28 17:15  Author: admin
Traditional high-sugar and high-fat foods have the risk of obesity and induced cardiovascular disease. With the change of people's consumption concept, ice cream is gradually upgrading to consumer goods with function of health caring from a leisure consumer product for cooling.

Polydextrose can replace some of the fat in ice cream and has no significant effect on the flavor and texture of ice cream. Process performance is similar to that of unsubstituted ice cream products, but heat is significantly reduced. The use of polydextrose in functional ice cream will make ice cream healthier without affecting taste and quality assessment.
Ingredients Percentage by Weight
Water 64
Sucrose Soilds 12
Butterfat 1.7
Milk Solids Not Fat 9
Whey Solids 3
Corn Syrup Solids,36DE 5
Polydextrose 1.3
Cocoa 2
Gelatin,225Bloom 0.5
Stabilizer 0.3
Malt Powder 0.1
Tricalcium Phosphate 0.5
Vitamin Blend 0.07
Water 0.5
Total 100