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Tailijie Introduces Dietary Fiber Baking Powder

Date: 2018-10-24 15:05  Author: Hayley
Commercial bakers who desire authentic bread products with modern benefits can now achieve both with tailijie's new line of dietary fiber baking powder. This new line is powder and designed to give bakers enhanced flavor, texture and shelf life in their finished baked goods. 
In today’s marketplace, consumers have shown a preference for breads that are artisanal in taste, color, feel and shape, Tailijie delivers a fast-track solution for bread bakers  to help produce finished goods with more flavor and desired shelf life.
Tailijie offers specialized expertise, knowledge and technical capabilities to help customers achieve maximum efficiency in their bakery operations. We’ve done rigorous testing to determine and develop the ideal product line appropriate for both bakers and end consumers .
Recently, Tailijie also introduced  other bakery ingredients, which provide a cleaner-label solution for customers.