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Polydextrose - constipation under control!

Date: 2018-09-17 18:15  Author: 秩名
Eliminate the cause of constipation
Polydextrose is the most effective and safe method to treat constipation. Suitable for children, no stimulation, some positive effects on liver and kidney to accelerate metabolism.
Secure purge
Restore intestinal function, suitable for children.
Promotes the absorption of vitamins and calcium
Ten grams of polyglucose increased calcium absorption by 16%.
Reduce liver strain
Eliminate toxins in the body to reduce the liver's load.
Eliminate dermatitis and allergies
Polydextrose can clean the skin and restore intestinal function.
Remove toxins from your body
Have daily cleaning mechanism, will not cause harm to health.
Speed up metabolism
Promote vitamin and mineral assimilation, improve intestinal transport.